My client has images of pets on their web site and right now, it is just an image with a 1px black border on it (soooo boring, IMO). I'd like to spruce it up some but not sure what to do with the border. The images are 90 degrees on the x and y axis meaning the images are aligned horizontally and vertically at 90 degrees with the text. I thought about putting them on a 45degree angle but before I go and start doing stuff like that, I would really like to focus on the actual image. Any ideas? This is an example of an image on their site (w/o the 1px black border).

Flickr wont host the image so you'll need to go there (is is safe for work - its just a picture of a dog in a field of bluebonnets - I promise). Link to image:

Dog in field of bluebonnets

  • The image is safe, I just checked :) danwellman almost 7 years ago

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You could do a CSS3 image-flip, with more info about the picture on the back face? Something like this: ?

Great effect. You can stick share icons on the back to to encourage social sharing. Predictably, it doesn't work on IE, but there are plugins that can use JavaScript to create a similar effect.

Or something like Mashable's 'drag to share' feature on images. This is a little old now though, and isn't even on the Mashable site any more. Another good technique though...

Answered almost 7 years ago by danwellman
  • I like the idea. The client could add additional details about the image or the service they provide in conjunction with what the image is about (e.g. the dog with the blue bonnets could be something to the effect of, 'Here we were walking Brownie on our dog walk service and stumbled upon a field of bluebonnets."). Tom Lackey almost 7 years ago