How can I make a pre obey the max-height rule in IE6?

I have a `` that I use on my blog to show code samples in, these can get quite long and I want to set a maximum height for them so they don't look messy and take up too much room. I added:... Read more


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How do I prevent my form's textarea fields from being resizable all over the page?

Problem: my textarea has that little resize handle in the bottom right corner in browsers that have [CSS 3 UI][1] implemented (like Safari). How can I prevent it from being resizable? It's making i... Read more


2 answers Latest by Steve Losh almost 10 years ago

How to use CSS sprites when the background is larger than the sprite?

I've got a selection of icons I'm using on an activity feed. I'd like to convert them to CSS sprites (a single image containing all the icons) rather than separate files, to cut down on the number ... Read more


4 answers Latest by Shaun Robinson about 10 years ago

Brian 10

Why does Safari display colors differently from IE, Firefox, Opera?

I have read endlessly about color profiles in images, but this has never resolved the discrepancies between Safari and other browsers for me, especially when it comes to coded color. If you were t... Read more

4 answers Best answer by Paul Farnell

How to vertically center content on a page

I have a simple, temporary page with a logo. I want to simply center it both vertically and horizontally. Actually, I want it a bit higher than center. I am looking for a pure CSS solution. Read more


6 answers Latest by Tony Crockford almost 9 years ago

Is it possible to fix the negative text-indent problem in IE to hide text when using a background image for buttons?

At the moment, I'm getting both the image and the text. I've tried almost everything I know. Read more

6 answers Latest by Divya Manian about 10 years ago

How do I add padding to subsequent lines of an inline text element?

On Doctype itself I've styled the headings to be inline, with a background colour and padding. Unfortunately this only pads the beginning and end of each headline. Is there any way to add padding a... Read more


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