Gradient not working in opera

I have the following line for opera, but it doesn't seem to be working. It just shows up as purple background: background: -o-linear-gradient(left, rgba(166,179,212,1) 0%,rgba(156,207,242,1... Read more

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I am trying to setup multiple background images with a gradient

I have the following code, and I am following a tut from I want one background image to be a image and the other to be gradient is th... Read more

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Will this show up as a clickable image?

Is this valid or did I just make this up? Read more

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styling ol with sticking out image

I have this ordered list to style: ![alt text][1] and it has so many images sticking out of the borders, that I don't know how to style it with CSS, and feel I think that all I can do is cut an ... Read more

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Background Image missing in Firefox versions older then 4.0

Can't figure out why the beautiful full page background illustration doesn't show on my site here in Firefox 3.6 for windows/mac?? Read more


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How to make the background of an image transparent?

I have an iPhone image and it has white background, I want the background to be transparent so that I can use it on my site which has a blue background. Read more

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Help with the cascade...

I have one style: body.schedule #viewing-guide-tabbed-view #schedule-day-tabs li { background: url (image-A); } And a more specific style: body.schedule #viewing-guide-t... Read more

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Using photo as a background image - height transition without scaling

Hi I'm looking for interesting techniques for using a photo as a background image. Though it is possible to scale an image using various javascript techniques, I'd rather not use this approach; ... Read more

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Why is my background off on one page of my site?

Doctypers, I'm having issues rendering my background correctly in IE 7 and Chrome on one specific page of my site. The background works on all other pages and posts (its a Wordpress site) except... Read more


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Problem using css sprites as the background for title.

Hi, I have a master css sprite for my website. Now I have problems with backgrounds for few article titles. I created image with rounded corners. Now I apply this background for my title, I dont... Read more

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