@font-face -- are you using it in your projects?

I've been debating if/how to implement @font-face in a current project, and I'm very curious to get a sense if/how other designers are now using this feature. This is July 2011, in an age of Firefo... Read more

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How do I design a gowalla like logo?

How do come from plain text to a nice styled logo like this: Please ex... Read more

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How to find inspiration?

I am 18 years old and have been making website for at least 4 years, I'm pretty good with the programming part of web design, but lack creative vision. Every website I make seems boring and so stan... Read more

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How do I give my design skills a jumpstart?

I am a developer of roughly 10 years doing html/css/javascript/php/mysql. My development skills are pretty fine tuned, and I've accomplished a variety of projects. Recently, though, I've discover... Read more

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Looking for feedback regarding graphics, typography, laout, etc.

Which one do you like better and why? A. [Original Theme][1] B. [New Theme][2] (it should look like [this][3]) C. Improve [Original Theme][1] D. Improve [New Theme][2] E. Nuke and re... Read more

3 answers Latest by Mike Buttery over 8 years ago

How to improve webdesign of my site?

I am developing a website [passionforchess][1]. I would like to get feedback on the current design, and how can I improve the design? The design of the page where the user is interacting with the s... Read more

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Writing a beautiful website with ads - is it possible?

I'm just starting to create a website that supports my business. I want a sleek design oriented site - because that's what I like and it also suits my business. Trouble is that all the mocks loo... Read more

3 answers Latest by Jonathan Chua over 8 years ago

Improve this design?

I'm a programmer, and I have this basic UI for displaying user's information and reports that they have accrued. Here is an example of one such user with a report. Right now, the report part sh... Read more

3 answers Latest by Yunus almost 9 years ago

Web design trend of adding a top border to the body tag?

Recently many "popular/famous" web designers are using a top border to the body tag (usually black). Does anyone know what's the design (web design) purpose of this practice? Examples: ht... Read more

2 answers Latest by Tony Crockford almost 9 years ago

How do I make a Feature more Visible

I should probably preface this by saying I'm not much of a designer, but it has fallen to me to design a webpage. Now my webpage has various components on it, each corresponding to different fea... Read more

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