Not able to arrange DIVs horizontally (floating) in Chromium

Hello, I'm not able to float div's in chromium. I'm not sure what mistake I did. It's working perfectly in IE9. Please see code below or pick from my website homepage http://pnrstatusen... Read more

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How to change jQuery animatedcollapse div code to close when another is opened?

I have two hidden divs on my site (info and shop) that when clicked slide down to be revealed. How do I amend the code so that if, say, Info is open and you click Shop, info would slide up while th... Read more

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Display Problem in IE 8

My layout is broken in IE 8 but I don't understand why...the table is wrapped around in one div, but in IE 8, half of the table is cut off and brought down to all the way at the bottom of the page.... Read more

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Movable/Draggable div

Hello, I have a div with some text that depending on the size of the browser window is 50% form the left. I'd like to be able to let people drag it to the side if they wish. Does anyone know how I ... Read more

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How to make a 3x3 "table" with a flexible middle cell?

Hi, I want to add a custom "info bubble" to a Google Maps web app. Because the content of the bubble differs in length I would like to have it flexible. So I've cut the bubble image in pieces re... Read more

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How do I make a table shift to underneath a float?

Hello, This will probably be super easy for someone. But as you can see on the bottom on that home page there's basically a navigation bar that let's you go to archive and older/newer posts. But t... Read more


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div after float div seems to be rendering along the same line

I am trying to achieve a simple 2 column web page design with a header and footer. I have the following HTML, but the div containing the footer is actually being rendered on the same line as the... Read more


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How to remove space around a div?

Hey there, I'm working on a vertical page layout that has a couple of divs positioned under each other, between them I have a div that defines the amount of space to leave between each div. P... Read more

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Is it possible to build a dynamic page layout containing a fixed width element? How?

Given I have 3 divs one parent div containing two children. I want the layout to adapt according to the total width of the browser. The parent is set to fill 100% of the available space. The ri... Read more

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put text at bottom of a div

i have a div tag with height:40px and with a picture as background . i want to put a text at bottom of this div. if i use padding-top in Firefox it add the padding value to height. how can i do it? Read more

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