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100% width and height with minimum values

Hello, I am trying to have a layout that stretches freely to fill the whole screen (width: 100%, height: 100%) but with a miminum size (1024x768). Simple CSS: div#topframe { height:... Read more

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Expanding Divs and IE7

Hello all, I am not traditionally an HTML/CSS guru, I'm learning, and garnering wisdom as I go, however I'm stumped by the following issue. I have some expandable divs that work great in e... Read more

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How can I fix my divs to properly render in IE7 or later?

I have currently finished designing my website and am just about done building it. The only problem I have is that my slideshow (in the portfolio sections) is not rendering correctly when viewed in... Read more


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Is it possible to build a dynamic page layout containing a fixed width element? How?

Given I have 3 divs one parent div containing two children. I want the layout to adapt according to the total width of the browser. The parent is set to fill 100% of the available space. The ri... Read more

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IE7 not displaying div

Hello all I am having some problems with IE7 (who isn't right?). Basically if you view the page with FF or IE8+ you will see there is a slightly transparent box that has an introduction to the w... Read more


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Would some kind soul tell me why this template does not work with IE?

OMG IE is driving me crazy. I'm trying to learn CSS beyond simple font colors. I am creating an open source template that is extremely simple. Inspired by the Agile Zen site. Anyway, I've b... Read more

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displaced divs on my wordpress website

Hi all, I'v a problem with my wordpress based website. I use divs for the layout of my website. In both browsers(ff 3.6.9 and ie 8) on my windows 7 every thing is alright. But on some computers ... Read more

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div collapsing over repositioned element

I want a list of rows that have the following look to them: +------------------------#main-----------------------+ | | | ... Read more

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2 column div inside a 2 column div

Ok, I'm trying to avoid "divitis" but I have a layout that is two columns. One similar to the Basecamp layout where the "white sheet" is 75% and the sidebar is 25%. OK, that looks great. Now, ... Read more


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IE8 doesn't enclose all elements within a div

You'll see from the attachment (taken in IE8) that the image and 'spreadsheet1', 'spreadsheet 2' etc are not enclosed within the rectangular box. With my current markup this works fine in Chrome an... Read more


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