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Scrollbars appearing in Safari

Hi guys I have just started work at a new company that has an existing flash website (not my ideal way to have a site, but hey). They have asked me to fix a problem with Safari on the site, but ... Read more


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Flash content for my website

I want to add some nice flash content to my website . I would like some kind of content-sliders or other interactive stuff to display data on the website. Are there any websites where I can find su... Read more

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Linking buttons from flash movie to other html pages of site?

I am trying to link my buttons from my flash movie menu to the other html pages of my site ( My first button (about us) is linked to and works, seco... Read more


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How to - MP3 player on a HTML Site that doesn't reload on page change ?

I am creating a site for a club night and they want to have an mp3 player that plays their tracks on the header or footer of the site. One thing is when the page changes we don't want the track to ... Read more

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Possible to use javascript to play YouTube and Flash movies on hover of separate image?

Im building a portfolio that contains some flash elements as well as youtube movies that we would like to display on our portfolio...the setup looks something like this... [sm image] [sm image... Read more

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Featured article widget?

Hi, a lot of website now has changing image (like a photo slideshow) that is linked to a featured article. What is it called? and where can I find those widgets? I have difficulty searching as... Read more

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Good resources for flash tutorials

I just learned flash and a little of action script, now i want to know good resources to improve my skills more and more. I want to know some good tutorials to learn from. Note: i learned flash t... Read more

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How to set a textInput to only allow a valid email address using Actionscript 3?

I'm working with Actionscript 3 and I have a textInput component that's supposed to take an email address. This information is submitted onwards once the user presses a "send info" button. My quest... Read more

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Cookie code not working.

The guy who built the website before me put in the following code, which applies to our homepage video. Basically, the idea is to play one flash file that has autoPlay set to True (Erin.swf) when t... Read more


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Flash SEO

Hi, how do you provide content to serch engines in Flash websites? What is the best solution? Thanks in advance, Etam. Read more

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