How would you fix this uncommon example of the common IE Z-index bug?

This may appear to be a common question that has already been answered because it refers to the [well-known z-index bug][1] in IE7 and lower. However, this situation is somewhat unique; I am usi... Read more


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Not able to arrange DIVs horizontally (floating) in Chromium

Hello, I'm not able to float div's in chromium. I'm not sure what mistake I did. It's working perfectly in IE9. Please see code below or pick from my website homepage http://pnrstatusen... Read more

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HTML5 IE Problem

This has been giving me a headache, but the navigation list don't display as inline in IE browsers 6-8: [][1] That's the site, and this link is a ... Read more

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Get floated divs to pass each other in 2 column layout (sort of like Facebook Timeline)

I'm creating a site that has two columns with content of variable height stacking into both columns. The client really wants it to look like the Facebook Timeline, where the content flows nicely in... Read more


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Spurious vertical space after float in IE6

On a site I've been working on I have a number of section divs with headings. I originally just had the headings as an H2 and the following block as a DIV. I've set the background of the H2 and to ... Read more


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IE7 and adjacent floats..

Hi, example here code My intention is to have a number of floats in a grid-like system whereby at a desirable width... Read more


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div after float div seems to be rendering along the same line

I am trying to achieve a simple 2 column web page design with a header and footer. I have the following HTML, but the div containing the footer is actually being rendered on the same line as the... Read more


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[RESOLVED] Firefox display problem: centered image gets floated to the right

So far, this problem only happens in Firefox. This centered image instead gets floated to the right (and off the screen). Here's the relevant code I grabbed with Firebug: text-alig... Read more


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Issues with table width and floats

Okay so I'm having some issues with the mixing of tables and floats in different divs. I created a test page which can be viewed to see the issue of what is going on with the system now. The test p... Read more


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Why is Floated Sidebar Inheriting CSS Formating From Another Element

Hi, I'm fairly new to web design and, although I have a reasonable grounding in some aspects, there are areas which I'm still attempting to get to grips with. I'm in the process of creating a... Read more


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