How would you fix this uncommon example of the common IE Z-index bug?

This may appear to be a common question that has already been answered because it refers to the [well-known z-index bug][1] in IE7 and lower. However, this situation is somewhat unique; I am usi... Read more


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Table Based Float Not Working in IE

Hello, I'm extending a WordPress plugin and one of the things I am doing is taking a table based layout and applying CSS to it so two table rows line up next to each other. This works in all non... Read more

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Why is IE giving me a script / activex warning here?

I am trying to hack up the layout of our public facing website(which I am not the designer of) for a possible intranet application. I refactored and removed any non-essential layout markup from ... Read more


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IE gradients, more than two colors/colours?

Is it possible to have more than a "start" and "end" colour with IE gradients? filter: progid: DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient (GradientType=1, StartColorStr='#FF006600', EndColorSt... Read more

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Fix image javascript rollover areas for IE?

I created these image rollovers to drive a slidedeck (jQuery based extension), they work in Mozilla and WebKit, but they fail miserably in IE (only working when you move the mouse down, not back up... Read more


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Why does a frame with scrolling set to auto still leave space for the missing scroll bar?

I am running IE in quirks mode and I cannot change that. I have a text area in the page with a width set to 100%, but it always leaves a space for the scroll bar. Read more

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how to have a seperate site for IE ?

My website works well with firefox and google chrome. But it is driving me into nuts with IE. So I thought to have a seperate site just with out the scripts and all (just a simple site) and a pop ... Read more

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Centering List Items with Inline-Block in IE

I have a div with a ul inside, with the li's set to display inline-block. I want li's to be centered inside the div, regardless of the number of li's, as that will vary, so I don't want to float l... Read more

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Firefox and Window Browser

I am using Firefox Browser to preview my Website and it is coming the way i want it, but when i preview it with Windows Browser is not previewing the way it should be like in Firefox. How should... Read more


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Clearing floats that follow a cleared float (in IE)

I have encountered the problem where a float that follows a float that clears: left doesn't act right. Before I confuse you anymore let me just post a link to the documented problem: [ Read more


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