How do I make sure the CSS is read correctly in I.E. 7? It looks great in all the others I have tried...

I am designing a page on a Mac. Looks perfect in all the mac-browsers as well as PC... except for IE 7 on a PC. It appears as though it doubled the left-side margin's. Everything is lined up, just ... Read more


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IE7 appears to be adding padding-top to the sides of the element too

Hi All, I am trying to get a design to work in IE7. I'm using the HTML5 boilerplate (without their CSS reset, I am using Twitter Bootstrap too which covers that for me). I have two containers... Read more

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HTML5 IE Problem

This has been giving me a headache, but the navigation list don't display as inline in IE browsers 6-8: [][1] That's the site, and this link is a ... Read more

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IE7 - Elements misaligned on page load, magically realign themselves on mouse movement

When looking at the site in IE7, the header banners and nav menu seem to randomly appear and disappear. Have look at several posts regarding this, but have not been able to solve it. I am hopeful s... Read more


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Totally stuck with an IE7 CSS bug...

Hi all, I'm working on this website - [][1] - which is a custom skin for the e-commerce site Big Cartel. Forgive the messy CSS files, I will be cleaning them up later!... Read more


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ie7 z-index sub-menu issue using superfish and css3pie

i have followed nearly 10 or more fix suggestions to no avail. the submenu of my superfish menu appears behind the content in ie7 and ie8. the z-indices are right, and even show so in the html insp... Read more

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Navigation is wrapping in IE7

Hello, I have a couple issues with IE7. It doesn't seem to be listening to the :first-child pseudo selector It also wraps the navigation down a line when it shouldn't. Thoughts? Read more


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Background not transparent in IE7 & IE8

I have an issue that is driving me nuts. A site that was just developed works great in all browsers except of course IE7 & IE8. Neverminde IE6.. not even going to worry about those visitors and t... Read more


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footer wont stick in ie7

I've looked at a lot of the boards with no resolve yet... I can't for the life of me get the footer to stay at the bottom in's at Read more

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Layout breaking in IE6 and IE7

Hi, Please check this layout: It's breaking in IE6 and IE7, working fine in all other browsers. Can you suggest me a solution for this. Please note that i do... Read more


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