Ideas on what to do with images on web site (not looking for slideshows).

My client has images of pets on their web site and right now, it is just an image with a 1px black border on it (soooo boring, IMO). I'd like to spruce it up some but not sure what to do with the... Read more

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Image not displaying in Firefox but displays in Chrome

Hello, I am working on website on valentines day quotes where I am displaying ads from gift affiliate. Please see [this page][1] in Google Chrome and in Firefox: In Google Chrome, you will be... Read more

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Image hover rollover - two images

HI I'm wanting to have an image rollover where the rollover image is different in shape and size to the linked image. I'm having difficulties doing this in just CSS. If anyone has any ideas I... Read more

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Google Chrome adds a space after an image that is next to an input tag

Hi there, I can not figure this one out. This seems to work in all the browsers but google chrome. Chrome adds a space between my image and the input. I am attaching two screen shots one with th... Read more

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Working inside of a CMS editor, best way to float text around images?

I suppose this might be more of a 'using TinyMCE' sort of question...but I am also tweaking the CMS stylesheet, so it can work both ways. Often I have a small image that doesn't take up the enti... Read more

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CSS for centering wide image (of unspecified dimensions) in a DIV of unspecified dimensions?

How do you center an image of unspecified dimensions horizontally & vertically inside a div tag of unspecified dimensions... without using background images, javascript or tables? (CSS 2.1 + IE 8+... Read more

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Why are the images getting distorted?

I'm having a difficult time with the images in this html. The images in the right main column are either squeezed or stretched. Any ideas? Looks fine in the browser, but when viewed in Outlook, ... Read more


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Images not Rendering in Google Chrome

Hello, I have a bizarre situation. I developed a site in Chrome (version 9 on OSX) a few days ago and now the images aren't showing up (but they used to). It is only some of the gallery images and ... Read more


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How to create a glossy sidebar?

I am creating a website for my school and I have finish most of the design, but I dont know how to create a black gloosy sidebar that has rollover images. One issue I am facing is that my website i... Read more

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Image resize software (specific)

I'm looking for a image resizing software that can: resize using the "Nearest neighbor" algorithm handle batches handles folder traversing possible open-source or demo Can anyo... Read more

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