HTML element to use for a CSS image

I'd like to replace most/all images on a site with CSS, and I was wondering which HTML tag was the most semantically meaningful to use to apply the background-image element to. I'm going to be repl... Read more

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problem with css or browser

i got an image behind my google adsense, the css code of that background image is: background: transparent url("") repeat-x left bottom; padding-bot... Read more


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What is the best style for this website?

I am creating a local computer repair website, I am not to great with graphic design so I wanted to ask you guys your opinion on the website, also what background would look good with the website.... Read more


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What is the best photo gallery method?

Lightbox popout styled like this: Or a non-popout with the slider: Which is th... Read more

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How to get rid of gradient lines?

I created a header image that has a width 0f 960 and a height of 225, then cut the gradient to a width of 1 and height of 225, and said in my code to repeat that image across the x axis to fill in ... Read more

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Image doesn't show up

I'm noticing that on the contact page, one of the images isn't showing up. I checked the path and it appears to be fine. Could it be something else I'm overlooking? Read more


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navbar background image doesn't show in Safari

Picking up coding not so long ago I encounter the most weird problems. Most of them turn out to be my own fault. But now I've bumped in to one I can't figure out. In FF it looks fine but in Safari ... Read more

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Why is my carriage return in the editor affecting markup?

I was playing around today trying to get these 3 images to display side-by-side within a 300px wrapper (they were 100px each) with no borders or anything, just flush. The simplified code below work... Read more

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Resizing image

Is it possible to do exactly the same resizing behavior without using JavaScript? [ ![horizontal scrollbar]( Read more


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Force Image and Text on a single line.

The following code Row1: FirstRow LooooooooooongText appears like this, Longtext b... Read more

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