Restrictions to unload event in Safari and Opera?

I'm building a manual garbage collection to prevent mermory leaks using a jQuery flush-method ([like the one found at stackoverflow][1]). I want to unbind all events before the window closes or is ... Read more

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Embeddable widget for blogger?

Hi, We have a website, where users can create polls and embed them on their website using a javascript code. However, on blogger, we are unable to use javascript code for the widget at all.... Read more

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Best Practice for Loading JS Slideshow

Hello, I'm trying to load a JS image slideshow on a websites homepage. Right now my process is: load first image with rest of html load other images with AJAX swap filler image ... Read more

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how to assign the javascript variable to java vairable?

Pls. give me the solution, I have done in the following level. In jsp page: step 1: step:2: if(window.parent.document.getElemen... Read more

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Fancybox caption title is displaying page title instead of anchor title

I have a bug I cannot figure out for the life of me... I'm very saavy with javascript, jquery and of coarse fancybox, but cannot figure this out! Here's my dev. site: [ Read more


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How to prevent div resizing when content changes?

I have a website and you'll see if you click on "data files" or "QIIME workshops and presentations" the center div gets all wonky and off center. Currently I have that div as width:58% with margins... Read more


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pop up 100%

hi, I am trying to call a popup from jsp, when it appears the curtain is not covering the entire page. i can see and even click on the things which are behind the popup. pls help me to figure out ... Read more

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Use Javascript to print specific page

I inherited a website designed for IE that has a print button that prints a specifc, dynamic page using javascript; you press the button for a specific week and it prints the payroll information fo... Read more

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Why is javascript treating my relative link like an absolute link?

I am using jquery to pull in a txt file via ajax. I reference the file relatively (../images/testimonials/slides.txt) but then in my error console in Chrome it says that there is a 404 error fi... Read more

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i got "$('.dot'). is not afucntion" in firefox error console my code is here...plz helpme

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <meta... Read more

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