Stop jQuery autocomplete from focussing the input field

Hi folks I'm using the jQuery autocomplete plugin from [][1] When a user selects a result from the dropdown, the input field g... Read more

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Ideas on what to do with images on web site (not looking for slideshows).

My client has images of pets on their web site and right now, it is just an image with a 1px black border on it (soooo boring, IMO). I'd like to spruce it up some but not sure what to do with the... Read more

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Why is jQuery POST'ing in UTF-16?

The blog post creation page of my blog software [LightBlog][1] uses jQuery to POST the content via AJAX. Oddly enough, when I submit Chinese characters (??) through jQuery, it sends it to the serve... Read more

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Writing CSS to Cover All Form Elements

Hello, I want to write some CSS selectors (actually jQuery selectors) that allow me to target every form element with a specific id prefix. I want to copy as little code as possible without usin... Read more

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jQuery - Dividing divs up into columns

I'm pretty beginner with jQuery, but I wanted to divide s up into columns without using a plugin. So far, I have a with an ID of #columns and a bunch of ``s inside with the cl... Read more

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How do I set up an if/or condition, such that my design changes based on the user's browser's font size?

In chrome, for example: Wrench>Options>Under The Hood>Change Font and Language>Serif Font>Change>Font Size=24+. Obviously, I'd want to shrink the sheet size and make it so that code boxes that ... Read more

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How to change jQuery animatedcollapse div code to close when another is opened?

I have two hidden divs on my site (info and shop) that when clicked slide down to be revealed. How do I amend the code so that if, say, Info is open and you click Shop, info would slide up while th... Read more

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jQuery Flip Plugin Example?

Hello All, I'm trying to use the jQuery plugin, jQuery Flip: I'm quite a novice when it comes to jQuery and was wondering if someone could show me a better exampl... Read more

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Fancybox caption title is displaying page title instead of anchor title

I have a bug I cannot figure out for the life of me... I'm very saavy with javascript, jquery and of coarse fancybox, but cannot figure this out! Here's my dev. site: [ Read more


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Handling scroll position on refresh - is there such an event?

I was charged with the task of implementing a dialog for displaying errors in a legacy application. My solution involves an error management object being defined and instanciated on the head sect... Read more

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