Complex semantic layout - having issues

Hey there, I'm helping a large client of mine design an event planning system for their agency, and I've run into a bit of a brick wall. Their lead internal "designer" (a marketing guy who took ... Read more

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Center a DIV with floating DIVs inside of it

Hello, The layout I'm creating has an arbitrary number of boxes (DIVs) that flow depending on the page (see picture for graphical explanation). I want the boxes to flow left, so that depending o... Read more

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100% width and height with minimum values

Hello, I am trying to have a layout that stretches freely to fill the whole screen (width: 100%, height: 100%) but with a miminum size (1024x768). Simple CSS: div#topframe { height:... Read more

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How do I achieve a three column layout with 7 images?

Hi all, ![screenshot][1] I have the layout shown. The goal is to have three columns. In the first column should be images 1 and 2. Images 3, 4, and 5 should be the middle column. In the t... Read more


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Looking for feedback regarding graphics, typography, laout, etc.

Which one do you like better and why? A. [Original Theme][1] B. [New Theme][2] (it should look like [this][3]) C. Improve [Original Theme][1] D. Improve [New Theme][2] E. Nuke and re... Read more

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How to float 3 items in a row without using table or manually specifying the px?

I'm using to list each of the members, and giving each of the float: left. What I'm trying to achieve is to have 3 members on a row, then break. How do I achieve this without using ... Read more


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From .psd to working HTML and CSS - help me suck less

I am not much of a designer. My strength lies in coding. That said, I'm often forced into the role of "The Man," responsible for all aspects of site creation. So, that said I'm wondering if the pro... Read more

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Organizing typography and .css

We're doing quite a large application here and I happened to be the leader of the frontend team. My question is how to decide which part of style should go into typogragphy.css and which to layout.... Read more

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Is it possible to build a dynamic page layout containing a fixed width element? How?

Given I have 3 divs one parent div containing two children. I want the layout to adapt according to the total width of the browser. The parent is set to fill 100% of the available space. The ri... Read more

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Examples of well designed family websites

I'm designing the family website. I plan to include the regular stuff: a page for each family members with links to their personal webpages (if they have one), a genealogy section with the family t... Read more

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