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Positioning in <button> tag

Hi, I'm trying to theme search form with button and i have problem with text positioning in the button. Chrome and Opera are showing the button all right, but Firefox doesn't. Look at the simple... Read more

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problem in html, table class text stretching out.

Hey people, I've got a slight problem after weeks of html 'programming'. I've got a large table which I use to construct tabs with, details don't really matter. On every tab there is a tab tit... Read more

4 answers Latest by Menno Geelen over 9 years ago

Modernizer causing link/font displacement

I have a UL full of links styled to look like blocks. Modernizer is being included on the page and since including it, I've noticed, on almost half of the page loads, some of my links display in... Read more

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Div pushing content downwards in IE7

Header text In other browsers, the above code has a nice space between the di... Read more

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Placing <div> tags with position: absolute inside of <div> tags with a position:relative

I have been positioning divs within my layout using a method like below: header-soc... Read more

3 answers Latest by Simon Prochazka over 8 years ago

IE7 - When one div grows the sibling div does not accomodate it

Hello There, I have a login area which I have minimized and I use Javascript to enlarge it so that users can log in. You just have to click on the tab and the area grows to show all of the conte... Read more


2 answers Best answer by Patrick Rauland

How to implement fixed positions across different browsers.

hi, I want to implement a fixed menu that stays fixed to the right of the screen, and stays there as I scroll through the page. It works fine. .menu { position: fixed; top: 120px; right:... Read more

2 answers Latest by Ktash over 8 years ago

image text alignment, cross-browser-compatibility question

Hello all, I'm having some cross-browser positioning problems. I've got a short bio element and I'd like for the .bio_name element to go over the image. Chrome and a few others get it right. S... Read more


1 answer Latest by Sisira over 8 years ago

Relative positioning: the best practice?

I recall reading somewhere that relative positioning should be preferred to absolute because it scales better at varying screen resolutions and because it's easier to modify/maintain. So I've been ... Read more

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How do I deal with this extraordinarily large centered background? Driving me crazy...

I feel I have a good grasp on things, but for this I have no idea how to fix. Basically you will see this large background image. I want that to be centered wi... Read more


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