Restrictions to unload event in Safari and Opera?

I'm building a manual garbage collection to prevent mermory leaks using a jQuery flush-method ([like the one found at stackoverflow][1]). I want to unbind all events before the window closes or is ... Read more

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First time @font-face woes. Issues with .otf/base64 encoded font

I need to use a non-standard font purchased from so we're using their webfont kit and upon testing in Safari, I noticed through the web inspector that the css file, which loads the 2 fo... Read more

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css discrepancies in Safari3?

Hello all, I never really develop with a focus on Safari, but it's currently giving me a problem. Using css like: #section_links{ list-style-type: none; width: 9... Read more

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Print styles for Safari 5 totally messed up; works in Safari 4

I've got a completed (well, not completed, but it's in production) site that's had a print stylesheet set up for certain pages. That's worked so far in IE7 & 8, Firefox, Chrome 4 and 5, and Safari ... Read more

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image text alignment, cross-browser-compatibility question

Hello all, I'm having some cross-browser positioning problems. I've got a short bio element and I'd like for the .bio_name element to go over the image. Chrome and a few others get it right. S... Read more


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Scrollbars appearing in Safari

Hi guys I have just started work at a new company that has an existing flash website (not my ideal way to have a site, but hey). They have asked me to fix a problem with Safari on the site, but ... Read more


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navbar background image doesn't show in Safari

Picking up coding not so long ago I encounter the most weird problems. Most of them turn out to be my own fault. But now I've bumped in to one I can't figure out. In FF it looks fine but in Safari ... Read more

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@font-face SVG fonts in Safari and Opera

I'm using an @font-face kit created by uploading a couple fonts of mine to fontsquirrel. I'm having problems with Safari and Opera, both of which are downloading the SVG font, but not using it for... Read more

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Strange Safari Mac Display Issue

Hello, I'm having trouble with the display of the following page: On Safari for Mac and Firefox (3.x) for Mac. The right-side colum... Read more

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my embedded @font-face is not anti-aliasing in safari?

take a look at [the website in question][1]. It seems that the custom font i loaded using @font-face is working alright in firefox, and the a certain extent in safari. The only caveat is that, ... Read more


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