WordPress - Script to run on Category Page Only

Currently, I have a script running only on the homepage which loads a background image scaler. I'd like the same for a category. I have tried the following int he header.php of my current the... Read more


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Show remotely hosted tutorial videos in wordpress admin

I followed the tutorial to do this at: [TutsPlus.com][1] It's a great tutorial but I'd prefer to edit the video.php file to grab videos from a remote location so I can upload/edit them in j... Read more

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Embeddable widget for blogger?

Hi, We have a website, where users can create polls and embed them on their website using a javascript code. However, on blogger, we are unable to use javascript code for the widget at all.... Read more

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Manual code to display a Pinterest Pin it button on Wordpress posts

I have some Pinterest code to show a Pin it button on my wordpress posts but it only grabs the post thumbnail. What I want is to grab the first post content image and only grab the thumbnail if the... Read more

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WordPress cannot modify header ERROR

I am getting this error on my site, Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/b/r/u/brunobjj/html/index.php:1) in /home/content/b/r/u/b... Read more

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ATAG Compliant CMS

Hi, I'm trying to find out information about which Open Source CMSs are ATAG compliant. I've found a [review of WordPress 2][1] but nothing more recent. Anyone have any information? [1... Read more

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how to remove enclosure custom field in wordpress

Hi, I have a problem with a custom field called enclosure that was added automatically aftery I created a new post and added a video. The enclosure custom field appears in the post too. How can ... Read more

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Having Trouble Styling a Table in a Wordpress Post

Hi, I am trying to style a table in a Wordpress post, but am having difficulty getting it to work. I have set the post to HTML-editing mode and can get some of the styles to take, but not all. (... Read more

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WordPress Template Breaks under certain layouts - Easy fix?

Template breaking under these layouts (possibly others): http://zpryme.com/SGI/page/2/ (Navigation) http://zpryme.com/SGI/?s=electric (Search) http://zpryme.com/SGI/tag/zpryme/ **(Tag)... Read more


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Pulling in 2 numbers from different databases and multiplying/dividing them in PHP

Hi there, I'm currently trying to pull in two numbers (1 from a MySQL Database and another from a WordPress custom field) and multiply them. E.g: `] / 2) * NUMBER-FR... Read more

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